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December 31, 2018
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January 14, 2019

1. Get and Stay Engaged

The more you are involved in all aspects of your job, the more engaged you are and hopefully, the more joyful you will be! Struggling against your job is only going to strip away any possibility or chance of satisfaction. Why spend your energy looking at the negatives of your job when you can focus on the positives and get more involved with those things? Make a list of things that add value to your work life: specific projects, co-workers, clients, to remind yourself of what you like about your job. Find what brings you joy in your work and do it!

You have the power to choose. If you focus on the negatives, that will be your experience. Choose to hate your job, and that will be your experience. You don’t have ignore all your dislikes, but you don’t have to let that stuff dictate what happens or take away your joy. Engage and embrace it! Throw yourself into it, and you’ll create an environment where joy can happen!

2. Follow the Energy

It’s hard to feel any kind of joy, pleasure, or even satisfaction when you’re uninspired and unmotivated. Sometimes, you have to go where the joy is.

This might be simply asking to get involved in a project that you’ve been interested in or apply a strength in your work, and sometimes this might mean training or making a job change or career move into a company that really brings you joy.

3. Cultivate Connections

People who have those good relationships with co-workers typically love their job. The right connections with others can often transform an experience, and with their support we can find joy in the everyday!

Do you work with people who drain your energy? Avoid those people.

Some general tips to make connections are:

  • Be genuinely interested.
  • Ask questions

When you learn more about your co-workers, you create room for connection and support.

“The most important things in life are the connections you make with others” – Tom Ford

Life is too short to not experience joy in your work. Joy is something that you can feel more only if you choose to make it a priority. Go find your joy!

Kira Witt
Kira Witt
Kira is an HR Generalist. She finds joy in getting to meet new people, hearing others’ experiences, and discovering others’ needs.

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