Only 1/3 of Americans say they feel engaged at work.


This statistic led JoDee Curtis, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CPA to write JoyPowered®: Intentionally Creating an Inspired Workspace, a book that challenges readers to make their lives and workspaces JoyPowered®.

Research and firsthand experience taught JoDee that employees who feel positive about their company spread the joy around, which improves teamwork, leverages internal resources, and bolsters creativity and innovation. They’re more resilient through negative events, and they attract more enthusiastic labor and increasing loyalty.

All of this made JoDee want to spread her joy by sharing ideas for small, intentional changes that might help others become JoyPowered®, too.

After the success of JoyPowered®, JoDee kept the joy going by teaming up with other HR, business, and career experts to create a podcast, several more JoyPowered® books, videos, blogs, and more! Our goal is to help people find their joy, whatever that means for them.

Don’t settle for tolerable. Joy starts with you, whoever and wherever you are!