JoyPowered®: Intentionally Creating an Inspired Workspace

Are you settling for a tolerable workspace? JoDee Curtis, SHRM-SCP, CPA, Founder of Purple Ink, challenges you to make yourself and your workspace JoyPowered®! Find out how to create a dynamic and inspired workspace by focusing on strengths instead of fixating on weaknesses.

JoyPowered® helps organizations and individuals understand how to structure their relationships and environments to focus on their strengths, bringing out the best in others and themselves. A healthy work culture doesn’t have to start at the top; an inspired workspace starts with YOU!

  • Fluid and energetic! JoDee captures what people, both supervisors and employees, want. It doesn't happen by accident, but it's not hard either. Well written and fast paced. (Amazon Review)
  • Amazing read on to leverage joy and strengths in your company's culture. Engagement and joy are not just a nice to have, but a must have in today's world! (Amazon Review)
  • JoyPowered provides a clear path toward creating a workplace that is inspired, creative and productive...and yes probably a whole lot happier! It is personally inspiring, showing that it all can start with one person regardless of their position in the company. Everyone can be JoyPowered and create a ripple effect in their organization. That said, it should be a must read for people in leadership positions! (Amazon Review)
  • A must-read for any workplace culture seeking to raise the bar on positivity and enthusiasm among co-workers! JoyPowered is teeming with real-life situations and creative ideas to improve the morale and environment of any group of people who are working as a team. JoDee Curtis's energy is contagious and her easily-applied suggestions are realistic. If you are an employer, I encourage you to promote JoyPowered in your entire organization! (Amazon Review)
  • If you want to know how to make it happen for yourself in the context of your work (and volunteerism), this is a great read. It's about figuring out what you're inherently good at, and honing those talents into strengths. Once you do, you find that you do your job better, and others enjoy working with you more. If only we could all get to this point. JoDee is a great story teller about her own joy journey, and shares lots of examples (from herself and others) about how to get to a productive, joyful place in your work. (Amazon Review)

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