The JoyPowered® Team

Does your team find joy in working together? The authors of The JoyPowered® Team challenge you to choose joy for yourself and your teammates. Find out how to create a high-performing and joyful team by focusing on each member's strengths instead of fixating on their weaknesses.

The JoyPowered® Team will help business leaders and associates build strong inclusive teams, navigate workplace challenges, revitalize teams who falter, and thrive as teams evolve. Joy can start with one team member at a time; it starts with YOU, whatever your role, industry, or area of expertise.

  • I enjoyed reading the Joypowered Team! I'd like to use this book as a template to apply to my office. We have a great team here, but we can always use some assistance from others. Thank you for creating a positive source of information for us! (Amazon Review)
  • The authors of this book both describe and demonstrate the importance of cohesive and happy teams in the workplace. The real world examples of opportunities and obstacles around teamwork provide concrete and relatable scenarios for readers. And as always, the JoyPowered ideologies and approaches provided within are communicated in a way that is both easily palatable and readily applicable for a reader of any position or background! (Amazon Review)
  • Really enjoyed this fresh perspective on working effectively within teams. Great read and beneficial for groups of any type! (Amazon Review)
  • Working effectively with a team, whether directly or indirectly, is extremely valuable. This book gives you plenty of nuggets to work more aware of your contributions as well as where your team is. The last chapter on Teams in Transition had several points that I will be sure to reference. Fantastic book and an easy read. (Amazon Review)
  • Whether you're hiring new employees, repairing a dysfunctional team, or just looking to drive better results at work, The JoyPowered Team provides great advice. Using quotes, surveys, and anecdotes the Purple Ink women describe how to intentionally understand your team's personal strengths to accomplish more at work. Each chapter ends with action items to practice as you read. I'd love to share this with my teammates at work to open up some "radical candor". (Amazon Review)

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