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July 5, 2021
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July 15, 2021

This article was originally published on the Purple Ink blog.

Nothing can be more fun and rewarding than writing a book with colleagues who challenge and inspire you to be more, do more, and learn more. That is exactly how I felt about embarking on this book journey with JoDee and Megan! Having worked with them for several years in driving the human resource profession to be more people-focused, I was thrilled to collaborate with them to co-author a book about JoyPowered® organizations.

What is The JoyPowered® Organization about? It is about people—specifically the people that make our organizations a success…and that is everyone in our workplace. In my years of interacting with leaders, I have made a point to say we cannot forget about the people who make the organization work. Without them we simply cannot exist. So why are we not focused on creating environments that encourage and value them? The JoyPowered® Organization helps leaders understand why people are so important and how we can create strategies to attract, retain, develop, and promote them. Finding strong talent is increasingly more difficult—that is why we have to create workplaces where people do not want to leave, and others want to join!

My passion has always been people. That is why I chose to write my chapters (Organizational Strategy, People Strategy, and Diversity Equity and Inclusion) because they illustrate the value and importance of people at work. The JoyPowered® Organization is a book that speaks to the reader on the importance of creating people-focused strategies to bring more joy into the work lives of all people in the organization. We know this is no easy task! That is why we have broken down the chapters into easy to read and understand sections that provide you with just enough information to jumpstart change. You will find each chapter to be full of ideas, strategies, and actions to get you on the right track in aligning your people with your business.

So, keep an eye out for The JoyPowered® Organization – it’ll be available on and The JoyPowered® Shop soon – and tell your friends about this awesome book. If you want to make sure you’re one of the first to get a copy, you can preorder it now here. Change starts within and that change can be within your organization.

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