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January 18, 2021
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January 29, 2021

This episode’s drishti of the day is balance. Peggy and special guest Cindi Odle from Baptiste Power Yoga Indianapolis discuss how stumbling and losing your balance allows you to learn.

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Peggy  00:05

Hey, Cindi, what are you doing?


Cindi  00:07

I’m working on my tree pose, a balancing pose.


Peggy  00:09

Oh, and why are you doing that?


Cindi  00:11

Well, in this yoga practice, balancing is one thing that definitely you can continue to get better at the more you practice it.


Peggy  00:19

You know, when I do that, I do actually wiggle a lot and sometimes actually kind of fall.


Cindi  00:24

Yeah. And you know what, that’s actually perfect. Because if you’re always just in the pose, and it’s perfectly perfect, like, there’s no challenge, there’s no opportunity. It’s when you start to really grow and fall out of the pose and maybe lose your balance is when you learn something from the pose.


Peggy  00:40

That’s awesome. How can that apply to people out there in their personal and professional lives?


Cindi  00:45

I think it’s so applicable. It reminds me often on my mat, I fall out of a pose, I get right back in it. And just, then when I’m off my mat in life, something catches me up or something bad happens, and I fall out of that, I just get right back in and get right back on the horse. Kind of that same philosophy.


Peggy  01:02

I love it.

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Emily Miller
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