Transcript: Episode 115 – Moving the Whole Company to Work from Home
May 10, 2021
What Powers Your Joy?
May 21, 2021

This episode’s drishti of the day is pigeon pose. Courtney and Peggy discuss letting go and restoring.

Video transcript

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Peggy  00:07

Hey, Courtney, what are you doing?


Courtney  00:08

Well, Peggy, I’m getting into pigeon, which is a restorative pose.


Peggy  00:14

Well, what’s restorative about it?


Courtney  00:16

Well, we get to open up the hips, relax the back, relax the neck. And I think that it’s really a parallel to taking it off the mat in terms of the counterbalance between a strong vinyasa practice, where you’re moving all the time, to really just kind of letting go, settling in, and letting all of your hard work be reciprocated and appreciated by the body.


Peggy  00:42

So in simpler terms, do you mean somebody could just come home from the office and do this move and restore?


Courtney  00:49

They can, absolutely.


Peggy  00:51

I love it.

Emily Miller
Emily Miller
Emily works behind the scenes at JoyPowered, helping to edit and publish the books, producing the podcast, and running the website and social media.

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