Show Notes: Episode 122 – Powering Up the People Profession (Sponsored Episode)
August 9, 2021
Transcript: Episode 123 – Write Right and Speak Smart (SHRM Credit)
August 16, 2021

This episode’s drishti of the day is tapas. Courtney and Peggy discuss learning by going through difficulty.

Video transcript

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Peggy  00:07

Hey, Courtney, it is really hot in here today at Baptiste Power Yoga, and I noticed you’re standing under the tapas sign. That means heat. What’s that pose you’re doing?


Courtney  00:18

I am doing Warrior 3. It helps me ground down and also build heat in the core.


Peggy  00:23

Yeah, that looks like it’s a pretty good workout, and I think that kind of correlates to business and sometimes it gets really hot in there and it gets really difficult, but we learn some things by going through the difficulty.


Courtney  00:39



Peggy  00:40

Well, great job in that pose.


Courtney  00:44


Emily Miller
Emily Miller
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