Show Notes: Episode 147 – Career Paths in HR (SHRM Credit)
July 18, 2022
Transcript: Episode 148 – Building and Maintaining Strong Teams (SHRM Credit)
August 1, 2022

“Turbulent” is the word that comes to mind when I think of the last few years in the workplace. We are enduring the effects of Covid, which came with new working environments, childcare woes, adapting to new technology and changing the way we interact with coworkers. We are enduring dramatic policy changes and far too many mass shootings, affecting our senses of safety and security as we live everyday life. We are enduring increased gas prices making it difficult to commute to work and mass layoffs changing our financial situations overnight.

Think about a plane in “turbulence.” Most of us have experienced those flights that have been in turbulence far too long, but remember, they ALWAYS come out of it. The pilot either finds a smoother route or lands the plane, either way there is always an end to what you felt. Whatever turbulence you are facing today will not last forever.

We have the choice – you have the choice – to focus on everything in the world and at work that is turbulent, terrifying, and depressive, or to focus on your reasons for gratitude and joy today. There is a time for reflection and grief, but if we are to experience joy, we cannot stay there.

Take account of what is going right and remind yourself regularly of that list. Remind yourself that everything is for a time and there is always hope for change. Serve those around you, remembering that igniting joy in others can ignite joy within ourselves. Take action to choose joy and choose it abundantly.

Anna Rasco
Anna Rasco
Anna is an HR Consultant at Purple Ink. She’s passionate about serving the underserved and loves helping people find the right career fit while consulting employers on the best recruiting tactics to fit their needs.

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