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July 1, 2021
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People power our organizations – and to be truly JoyPowered®, we need to design meaningful jobs, develop our team to fulfill them, and reward them for high performance.  I was fortunate to focus on these three key areas within the overall employee experience for the upcoming book The JoyPowered® Organization, which I co-authored with JoDee Curtis and Jeremy York.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

Design meaningful jobs

When we do this, we can ensure that the right work goes to the right people, which in turn creates a JoyPowered® employee experience based on a wise investment of financial resources.  We need to strategically analyze the work to think about the different ways we can complete it.  It might be through technology, outsourcing, or temporary employees, or it could be through hiring or developing the skills of the current team.

Talent development

Developing your employees’ skills and ensuring they have clear performance expectations is a smart investment in your organization’s success.  By providing timely and thoughtful feedback aligned with job expectations and your culture, employees can grow to new heights in their careers.  Supporting the team with learning and development opportunities helps to ensure you have the talent you need as your organization grows, changes, and matures.

Using a total rewards approach

When we integrate a connected total rewards model with our organization’s goals and our employees’ experience, we can motivate and reward high performance in a way that is in sync with what employees need and want.  This will allow the organization to invest in the areas that are most valuable to the team.

In the book The JoyPowered® Organization, we explore these areas and more.

The JoyPowered® Organization will be available on Amazon and The JoyPowered® Shop soon! Keep following this blog as we continue to share more about the upcoming book. And if you want to make sure you’re one of the first to get a copy, you can preorder it here!

Megan Nail
Megan Nail
As Vice President, Total Rewards Practice at NFP, Megan advises clients on how to meet their organization’s goals through total rewards and compensation strategy. She strives to create engaging workplaces that value talent by aligning an organization and its goals.

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