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It’s easy to talk about being JoyPowered when we’re doing the things we love doing. But, sadly, we can’t get rid of the boring tasks like answering endless emails or filling out paperwork. So how can you stay JoyPowered when you’re stuck with monotonous, tedious responsibilities?

1. Use Your Strengths

We’re big fans of CliftonStrengths – if you know your Top 5, try framing your tedious task in the context of one (or more) of your strengths. Can your Achiever strength give you a little burst of energy every time you finish answering an email? Would calling on your Discipline make it easier for you to help create a routine and structure during data entry?

And if you haven’t taken CliftonStrengths, don’t worry; you can do this too! You probably know a few things that you’re good at and that give you energy. Can you use them to make the task less tedious?

2. Be Grateful

I know, I know…grateful for what? You’re doing this mindless task that you’re way overqualified for! There are so many better things you could be doing!

Sure. But you have a job. You’re getting paid for doing this mindless task. There are so many worse things you could be doing. Not to mention that this job also involves things you enjoy. Focus on the things you can be grateful for instead of fixating on the negative.

3. See the Big Picture

Maybe this task is mind-numbing, but it’s probably not as insignificant as you might think. Filling out paperwork? You’re helping your organization stay legally compliant. Sending out invoices? You’re helping the organization make money so they can keep paying you. Figure out what makes this important to you or your organization, and keep that in mind when you’re starting to get drained.

4. Take a Break for Something Inspiring

When you’re starting to lose focus, take a break! Do something inspiring to get your motivation back, whether that’s taking a walk outside, reading a blog, or working on one of your responsibilities that you really enjoy. Then come back to that tedious task with renewed energy.

5. Add Some Fun

Find a way to bring something you enjoy into the activity, like listening to your favorite music or podcast. Or, if it helps motivate you, make it a game with small “prizes” for hitting certain milestones – maybe every 5 emails you’ll take a break and read your favorite blog, or you’ll get a coffee when you finish your paperwork.

Being JoyPowered doesn’t mean you never have to do things you don’t want to do. But you can easily change your perspective on those unexciting tasks – choose joy!

Emily Miller
Emily Miller
Emily works behind the scenes at JoyPowered, helping to edit and publish the books, producing the podcast, and running the website and social media.

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