Transcript: Episode 104 – Listener Questions
December 7, 2020
Show Notes: Episode 105 – SHRM Credit: Diversity Recruiting
December 21, 2020

Introducing HR on the Mat, a series where we talk about the parallels between your yoga mat and your work life. Hosted by Courtney Scott from Balance and Harmony Yoga and Peggy Hogan from Purple Ink LLC.

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Courtney  00:02

Welcome to HR on the Mat, the series where we talk about the parallels between your work life and your yoga mat. I’m Courtney Scott with Balance and Harmony Yoga, and joining me is Peggy Hogan with Purple Ink.


Peggy  00:14

We are so excited to be here. Courtney and I met each other through human resources. We both have a love of people. And then we discovered in our conversations that we also have a passion for yoga. Now, Courtney is a yoga instructor, so she is certified, she knows what she’s doing, she’s a true yogi. I am a beginning practitioner, let’s say, but already, I have seen so many benefits to this little bit of practice that I’ve incorporated into my life. It got me really excited, and then in talking to Courtney, we just saw that there were so many lessons to be learned from the mat that could be applied to all of us as professionals in in our personal lives, too. So one of the things we talk about at Purple Ink is being JoyPowered®, which is really being fueled by joy and having engagement in our personal and professional life. And we are hoping to bring some of those tips, tricks, techniques, and maybe even some flows into this series.


Courtney  01:15

Yes. And so we’ve got a lot of great content coming up for you and we’re really excited to have you as part of this conversation so we can learn from each other and take what we practice on our yoga mat into our work lives. Until next time, namaste.

Emily Miller
Emily Miller
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