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June 17, 2019
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July 1, 2019

Donald Clifton once said, “What will happen when we think about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?” With employee engagement becoming one of the most popular and arguably most important topics in the HR world today, I thought about it and what it means to me. JoyPower is about passion and purpose.

Find Your Passion

While the dictionary defines passion as a “strong and barely controllable emotion,” I like urban dictionary’s definition better: “when you put more energy into something than is required to do it.” It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement; passion is ambition. Passion is that fuel, that desire that can help you do amazing things.

My passion is adventure. It has been all my life.

In my life, I’ve enjoyed skydiving twice, cliff diving in Switzerland, living abroad in Italy and driving a moped there. It’s more adventurous than you’d think…red lights are a suggestion! And not just my adventures. I love others’ adventures too. My husband is a musician and always wanted to record an album, so we did. He got invited to Disney World to play his music on an amazing stage! We both always wanted to adopt a child, so last year, we did! We’ve travelled the world together, served on missions’ trips internationally and always encouraged each other’s adventures. And I do the same in my work.

I have the strengths of ACTIVATOR and ACHIEVER. That means, I love to do things now and I love to get things done! Now I’m not the best with painting projects. I can pick out paint and I love pulling the tape, even before it’s dry, but the painting itself TAKES FOREVER. Early on, my husband may have saved our marriage by realizing I needed the roller to cover large spaces quickly, and he would tackle the meticulous trim. Idea to done.

When you tell me you want to do something, I will help you DO IT! I’m the friend that picks the new restaurant, encourages you to cut your hair, will talk you through that midlife crisis, and pushes you to take that job in the career you’ve always wanted. What’s the worst that could happen?

I loved it when Chuck Pagano said, “They can’t eat you. They can fire you, but they can’t eat you.” After surviving cancer, then surviving two rough seasons with the Colts, he knew it was time for a new adventure. As I’ve grown up, I have realized my passion can positively impact others. I don’t let fear stop me from living my adventures.

Passion Leads to Purpose

Make your passion your purpose. I’m on a diversity journey. I didn’t know it when I started my career, but at this stage looking back I can see the path. I was taught inclusion at an early age. That plus my sense of adventure and natural curiosity have led me to take on careers outside the normal path. From working with individuals with disabilities to helping create a diversity pipeline of future healthcare professionals to leading HR in an IndyCar racing team, I’ve always sought adventure. And I realized my purpose of helping others along the way. Once you find your passion, you find your purpose.

Purpose Gives You Power

We believe in JoyPower. Becoming JoyPowered™ means taking a series of small, intentional steps to change, focusing on strengths instead of weaknesses. You see, when you feel positive about your company, you spread the joy around. This improves teamwork, leverages internal resources, and bolsters creativity and innovation. You become more resilient and attract more enthusiasm and loyalty.

Joy is a choice. You must be intentional about it. In my HR career, along with the many accomplishments and wins, I’ve had just as many frustrations. I have laid off friends and fired people I care about. My work experience with disabilities agencies has come in handy since my sister has acquired a disability. I’ve been passed up for promotion and not gotten “the job.” I’ve worked with managers who don’t “get it.” None of these events make me unique in HR, but each one has given me power. Power to choose joy every day. Power to serve others with an open heart. Power to choose positivity over negativity and surround myself with those who are ready to share in my joy.

Erin Brothers
Erin Brothers
Erin is an HR Director. Her top strength is Achiever and she truly enjoys working hard and gains energy by accomplishing more work. Every day starts at zero, and tackling projects big and small helps give that sense of accomplishment to benefit her clients, peers, family and friends.

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