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December 3, 2018
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A JoyPowered workspace can mean very different things for different people. The beauty of being JoyPowered is that you can create a space that brings you joy. Now, if you have to share an office and you love to jam to rock bands and your office mate prefers silence, you’ll have to agree to wear your headphones, and then you can both be productive & happy!

But as time shifts away from being at an office from 8am- 5pm and more individuals work remotely or at least have a more flexible schedule, why not think about a few small gestures that can create your own JoyPowered space even if not in a typical office setting? Here we go:

Number 1: Stand up when talking on the phone, or at least once an hour

Regardless of how little or how much you talk on the phone throughout the day, make it a habit to stand up. It gives you a break from sitting, and too much sitting increases inflammation, insulin resistance, and weight gain. Try standing up and walking or pacing when you have to make a phone call.

Number 2: Smile

Whether when pressing send on each email, Zooming on a conference call, or when that formula finally works on your spreadsheet, stop and feel the accomplishment and SMILE. Something as simple as smiling can improve your happiness at work because it tells your brain to be more happy – thanks to the release of neuropeptides. Smiling is also contagious, and even if you aren’t interacting in-person with someone, you will feel that sense of relief and happiness and it’ll spread!

Number 3: Have visible positive affirmations in your space

Simple quotes or words like, “Just Breathe,” and, “Gratitude,” can be displayed via sticky notes or even hand-painted rocks. If you find a perfect affirmation, have it framed and make it a piece of art in your space.

Number 4: Use your Strengths

Have you taken Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment? Please do! Positive psychology expert Martin Seligman found that people who created opportunities to deploy their strengths reported higher life satisfaction in the long run. Which aspects of work do you enjoy the most and excel at? More than likely those tasks align with your top strengths. Better yet, write your Top 5 Strengths out as affirmations to reinforce them throughout the day.

It is up to each person to Choose Joy throughout the day. Creating a space that reinforces our beliefs and makes us smile will create a JoyPowered space no matter where we choose to work.

Laura North
Laura North
Laura is an HR Consultant with Purple Ink LLC. She thrives for all levels of employees to understand and truly utilize their benefits to the fullest potential.

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