Transcript: Episode 108 – Difficult People and Negative Attitudes
February 1, 2021
How to Be an Influential Leader in a Virtual World, Part 1
February 11, 2021

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In episode 108 of “The JoyPowered® Workspace Podcast,” JoDee and Susan discuss dealing with people who can be unpleasant.

This is an often-requested topic; we can all be better at engaging with people who can make our days unenjoyable. JoDee and Susan discuss a Psychology Today article by Barbara Markway that lists 20 tactics for dealing with difficult people. Some of this article’s suggestions: listen, stay calm, don’t judge, look for the hidden need, and avoid smiling and joking.

Our co-hosts also share some of their own suggestions. If you can avoid negative people, do it – no need to poke the bear. If you can’t avoid them, it may be time to have a conversation with them, listen to them, ask questions, and unpack what’s going on. If someone is treating you in a way you don’t appreciate, don’t allow them to continue that behavior; have a conversation around it. Remember that people who are negative are likely hurting over something. And if their behavior crosses a line, you need to take action and potentially let them go.

In this episode’s listener mail, our listener asks about starting a mentoring program aimed at growing diverse employees into leadership roles. In the news, the Department of Labor is challenging some large employers who have vocally pledged to increase diversity and inclusion.

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Emily Miller
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