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May 6, 2021
Transcript: Episode 115 – Moving the Whole Company to Work from Home
May 10, 2021

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In episode 115 of “The JoyPowered® Workspace Podcast,” JoDee and Susan discuss working remotely with Ragini Sidhu, Vice President of Human Resources for ONVU Technologies.

JoDee and Susan discuss research done by Clever to learn about people’s intentions to return to work and the causes for concern regarding working in an office environment. The data shows that over half of employees prefer working from home, most organizations adopted remote work in some capacity in 2020, and less than a quarter of those currently working in an office feel safe at work. Clever’s research also included some of the things respondents liked best about remote work, including eliminating commutes, flexibility, saving money, and spending more time with people they live with.

ONVU Technologies recently embarked on an initiative to make 100% of its workforce remote, and their VP of HR, Ragini Sidhu, joins the show to share her experience and advice for making remote work successful. What has benefited Ragini’s team enormously is communication and trusting in employees to take control of their time. Turning on video during team calls, joining meetings a few minutes early to chat, and walking meetings have also been helpful. Going fully remote is a massive learning curve, but it’s important to just keep talking to people and keep listening; when you tell them why you’re doing this, how it benefits them, and how it benefits the company, you bring them along with you on the journey.

The biggest pain points Ragini’s team has experienced since going 100% remote are internet issues, creating opportunities for social interaction, and people finding it difficult to switch off from work. Trying things like virtual happy hours, virtual exercise classes, and internal guides on best practices for working from home can help combat those a bit.

In this episode’s listener mail, a listener asks whether to advertise the benefits and perquisites instead of the compensation range for executive positions. In the news, remote work has created tax compliance risks for employers, as 28% of employees have worked outside of their home state or country.

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