Transcript: Episode 125 – Background Screening for a Better Workplace (SHRM Credit)
September 13, 2021
Transcript: Episode 126 – Finding Quality Talent Using Skills-Based Practices (SHRM Credit)
September 27, 2021

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In episode 126 of “The JoyPowered® Workspace Podcast,” JoDee and Susan discuss recruiting focused on needed skills with Natalie Wenzler from Skillful Indiana.

Recruiting seems to be difficult for everyone right now. Baby boomers are retiring, women are electing to stay home during the Covid pandemic, people are choosing to continue on increased government benefits, some are staying away due to the increased risk of Covid, and there’s increased competition amongst employers. This means organizations need to be more creative than ever in retaining and recruiting employees.

Natalie Wenzler joins the show to share her expertise around skills-based practices. Traditionally, job postings have a laundry list of items, example activities, certifications, and degrees, and they’re often not reviewed for a long time. Natalie encourages employers to transition to skills-based practices, looking only at what competencies are truly needed for someone to be successful in the role.

Education is valuable, and sometimes credentials are required. However, removing those degree and credential requirements whenever possible can take away barriers your job posting that may be discouraging great candidates. Skills-based practices can create a more equitable labor market, as well. Focusing on the skills needed inherently reduces biases from your hiring and talent development processes.

In this episode’s listener mail, Tom asks about how to find part-time or supplemental income opportunities. In the news, TopResume asked over 1,500 women in the US who identified as primary caregivers to their children whether they’re planning to return to the workforce; JoDee and Susan discuss the results.

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