Transcript: Episode 137 – How to Have Difficult Conversations at Work (SHRM Credit)
February 28, 2022
Transcript: Episode 138 – Strengthening Remote Teamwork (SHRM Credit)
March 14, 2022

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In episode 138 of “The JoyPowered® Workspace Podcast,” JoDee and Susan discuss relationships in the hybrid working world with Ed Stevens, founder and CEO of Preciate.

Remote work is becoming a constant for many organizations, and we need to figure out how to do it better. Ed Stevens joins the show to share his expertise on the topic. He sees the biggest pain point as getting work done; managerial systems that relied upon looking over shoulders or bumping into people at the office don’t work anymore.

With remote work, we lose the ability to build authentic connections, in part because we can’t move around the room in a Zoom call. Preciate’s platform gives meeting hosts the option to allow participants to break off and have smaller conversations, which helps people to express themselves with movement and agency, which creates engagement.

Attracting and retaining great people is top of mind for many organizations right now. Ed shares that while you need anchors of experience so that somebody knows how things should get done, young people are capable of more than they’re often given credit for. You need processes and procedures to help new employees understand, learn, and develop.

When your organization works remotely, it can be difficult to communicate and keep track of results. Ed recommends having a process-oriented task tracker so that it’s easy to see projects and tasks and who’s working on them. Don’t try to have complicated conversations over email – if it’s taking you a long time to draft an email, just call them. And if you struggle with distractions while you’re working from home, meditation can help you learn how to pay attention to what you need to pay attention to.

In this episode’s listener mail, a listener asks about having fairness discussions with employees when some need to work in the office full time and others can work remotely. In the news, 70% of American workers say that the use of trendy language in a job posting has influenced their decision to apply for a job one way or the other.

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