Show Notes: Episode 143 – Marijuana and Work (SHRM Credit)
May 23, 2022
Transcript: Episode 144 – Brain Based Communication (SHRM Credit)
June 6, 2022

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In episode 144 of “The JoyPowered® Workspace Podcast,” JoDee and Susan discuss brain-based communication strategies with keynote speaker and trainer Dr. Ali Atkison.

Author Dan Beverly describes brain based communication as minimizing distractions and maximizing thinking. He suggests three techniques: Listen, speak with intent, and maintain your clarity of distance.

Dr. Ali Atkison, one of the foremost authorities on how the adult brain learns, joins the hosts to share her expertise in brain based communication. As a grad student, Ali was thrust into a teaching role, and she started doing research on best teaching practice. This led her to information about how the brain learns, which she then married with her expertise in communication.

Communication is key in the workplace – when we don’t pay enough attention to communication skills, our organizations suffer. The things that make our organizations run smoothly, productively, and profitably boil down to communication. HR professionals should take a look at the problems manifesting in their organizations and examine whether they’re rooted in communication. Then, offer professional development in communication skills, because communication is a skill that can be honed, built, and improved.

In this episode’s listener question, our hosts are asked about training, coaching, and engaaging with someone to have a growth mindset. In the news, 67% of workers went on a “workation” to recharge their mental and emotional batteries, and 94% plan to workation again.

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