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November 7, 2022
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In episode 155 of “The JoyPowered® Workspace Podcast,” JoDee and Susan discuss ways to more effectively find top talent with Purple Ink’s VP of Talent Services, Peggy Hogan.

It continues to be an era of talent scarcity. With that in mind, we did some research on hiring top talent. suggested eight methods of sourcing, like referrals, social networks, attending events, and more. offered up some recommendations for taking recruiting efforts to the next level, including (but not limited to) involving the hiring manager from the get-go, sourcing candidates from your ATS, and diversifying your online candidate sourcing channels.

Peggy Hogan joins the show to share her expertise as a top talent recruiter. She explains that it’s a struggle to find top talent because there are fewer workers out there, we’ve trained our kids to disregard the trades as viable occupations, frontline workers and those who serve the general public are experiencing stress and disrespect, employers are getting pickier, and people aren’t interested in reporting to an office every day anymore.

It’s important to think like the candidates you’re seeking. Where are they? What social media channels do they follow? Do they belong to any associations? You should also be open to a more diverse body of candidates and hire based on skills rather than degrees and certifications. Improve your candidate experience – your application process should be simple, your career page should be easy to find, and the application itself should be short. And communicate with candidates frequently in a way that works for them.

You always need to be learning what’s next and what’s working. Attend webinars, work with people in your field or industry to develop pipelines and share candidates, see what’s working for other organizations, and measure and assess how well your initiatives are doing. Work on your employer brand and value proposition so candidates know who you are and why they should work for you. And Peggy’s best advice? Test (and ask others to test) your application process so you know how easy it is to find the positions, whether applying takes too long, and if there are any frustrating points along the way.

In this episode’s listener question, our listener asks about looking for work when you have SHRM-CP after your name but no experience on your resume. In the news, a study found that hard-to-pronounce names are less likely to land jobs than those with easier-to-pronounce names.

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