Transcript: Episode 156 – Communicating Change
November 21, 2022
Show Notes: Episode 157 – Innovative Benefit Offerings
December 5, 2022

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Once you’ve made a plan for a change, how can you communicate it in a way that increases your likelihood of executing the change successfully? With this question in mind, we invited change expert Whitney Bandemer to join us on the show.

McKinsey & Company says that 70% of all change initiatives fail. They can miss the mark in a lot of places, but most of them drill down to poorly planned or executed communication (or no communication at all). To communicate a change right, you should listen with empathy, have a clear plan, and be transparent about why the change is needed.

When people hear about a new idea that’s going to affect them, they often go into fight, flight, or freeze. Keep in mind that people’s first reaction is going to be emotional and create a safe environment where they know they can have that emotional response without judgment, criticism, or consequences. Invite people to the table to give their input, and engage your people experience and HR teams (they know your employees better than anyone).

In this episode’s listener question, our listener asks for advice on practices for packing up personal belongings when someone is terminated. In the news, more than four in 10 full-time workers are considering becoming freelancers.

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Emily Miller
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