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March 21, 2019
Transcript: Episode 51 – SHRM Credit: Mindfulness in the Workplace
March 25, 2019

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In episode 51 of “The JoyPowered™ Workspace Podcast,” JoDee and Susan discuss the growing movement of mindfulness in the workplace with Levelhead CEO Saundra Schrock. Topics include why mindfulness at work is important, the effects of stress, and what to consider if you want to implement a mindfulness program in your workplace. Levelhead’s Sue Beranek shares how mindfulness has made an impact in her life.

Mindfulness is a trend and a practice that a lot of companies are considering for their employees these days. Saundra finds that many people are interested in a more balanced life but aren’t willing or able to dedicate 20-30 minutes a day to practice. Levelhead takes a micro approach to the growing movement of mindfulness, empowering individuals to become more mindful with just a few minutes per day.

Saundra states that 60-70% of US workers believe their workplace is a significant source of stress. She believes stress to be a 21st century epidemic with its effect on one’s health. Workplace stress can be reduced by mindfulness because most of one’s stress comes from worrying about the past and thinking about the future. Mindfulness works because the practice of being in the moment begins to rewire one’s brain so that the stress response to a situation is slowed down. Self-awareness that one is experiencing stress will help his or her stress level go down.

Before beginning to practice mindfulness, one must be clear on why he or she is interested in it. For organizations, it is finding the “why” and turn it into measurements to benchmark. Leadership must be engaged and involved in order for a mindfulness workplace effort to be successful long term. Management should pay attention and attempt to engrain mindfulness into the workplace culture.

Sue explains how accountability and appreciation help people stick with their mindfulness programs, and how to make the practice sustainable. She also shares how mindfulness has made an impact on her, both personally and professionally.

In this episode’s listener question, an HR professional needs to transition to a part time role and her company is not open to a part time HR staff member; she asks for suggestions in identifying a part-time HR role. In this episode’s best practice sharing segment, a career coach for introverts shares her advice and insight regarding networking events. In this episode’s listener’s mail, During the news, JoDee and Susan discuss a recently released statistical reference guide for recruiters by Glassdoor.

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Liz Zirkelbach
Liz Zirkelbach
Liz Zirkelbach is an HR Coordinator and one of the authors of The JoyPowered® Team. She has a special interest in finding the perfect fit for a role and creating a happy ending for both the person and the company.

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