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October 3, 2019
Transcript: Episode 66 – Story Powered
October 7, 2019

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In episode 66 of “The JoyPowered® Workspace Podcast,” JoDee and Susan discuss the power of storytelling in a workplace setting with professional storyteller Dr. Sally Perkins. Topics include the two parts of a human mind, storytelling in the recruitment and onboarding process, and how to bypass setting rules by using stories.

To kick things off, JoDee shares the story of how she came up with the name Purple Ink, which has consistently given listeners a warm and fuzzy feeling. When used correctly, stories can inspire those who hear them and foster a real sense of community. According to Dr. Perkins, when we speak to people we activate one of two spaces in the mind, conscious and primal. Sally explains the difference between the more rational side and our more reptilian side, and pinpoints where storytelling comes in to play.

Sally tells a wealth of stories throughout the episode, and after several particularly engaging ones, JoDee asks how someone could possibly have so many stories to tell. Sally explains how she collects stories, filing them away for later use at just the right time. After Susan relays a story about a podcast guest using the podcast to rehabilitate his speaking voice, Sally gives some valuable feedback about what makes a truly compelling story.

Sally splits time as an artist who performs stories and a storytelling teacher who helps clients build story matrices for corporate use. Sally says that the two halves feed each other, and she learns new things from each, allowing her to grow as a storyteller continually. Sally is performing a piece about women earning the right to vote across the nation, including at the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York City on October 17th.

For the listener question, JoDee and Susan tackle an issue with an overlong hiring process. With applicants submitting resumes on their phones, can an overlong hiring process stand up to the competitive labor market? In the news, Members First Credit Union in Midland, Michigan has started offering a “life happens” fund for unexpected occurrences that happen to members.

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Jake Bouvy
Jake Bouvy
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