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November 14, 2019
Transcript: Episode 70 – Healthy Living
November 18, 2019

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In episode 70 of “The JoyPowered® Workspace Podcast,” JoDee and Susan discuss healthy living and high performance with Erica Ballard, CEO of The B Method. Topics include why you should focus on food, how healthy eating and high performance are connected, and where to start optimizing your health and energy.

To start, JoDee shares how she feels constantly bombarded with information on what she should eat, how she should exercise and even how she should sleep. Recently she has heard of diet trends that seem pretty crazy. JoDee and Susan go on to discuss the importance of wellness in the workplace and how we as employers, employees, and business professionals can share what we learn with each other in the workplace.

Erica Ballard is added to the conversation to discuss healthy living in more detail. She is a healthy living expert, coach, and CEO of the B method. Erica works with both individuals and companies by outlining the foods and habits needed to fuel both personal and professional goals. She is also the host of the podcast “The Lies You’ve Been Fed.” Erica focuses on food, because from a weight loss perspective, it is 80% food and 20% movement. In America, we have the script flipped.

Erica goes on to discuss the connection between health and high performance, steps to keep your gut healthy, her own personal eating habits, the keto diet, and where to start to optimize your personal health and energy. Erica says you know your body best, take baby steps and do what works for you. She tells her clients to ask themselves, “what is one thing you know you can do to improve your health?” You know your life, so decide and do it.

For the listener question, JoDee and Susan tackle an issue with an employee who is on FMLA and is exhausting his 12 weeks soon. In the news, an article in Inc. Magazine shared how top places to work are prioritizing mental health benefits.

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Kira Witt
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