Transcript: Episode 83 – Handling Workplace Conflict
February 24, 2020
Transcript: Episode 84 – Employee Retention: Employees Are Customers, Too!
March 2, 2020

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In episode 84 of “The JoyPowered® Workspace Podcast,” JoDee and Susan work through ways to retain employees at your company while driving home an important point – employees are customers too. Guest Ali Cudby drops by to converse about topics like the similarities between employee and customer retention, the impacts of employee retention on the bottom line, and ways to improve worker loyalty.

As simple as it sounds – Susan shares that she never felt valued on the same level as a customer in her pre-entrepreneurial career. Companies will talk about the three legged stool of shareholders, customers, and employees, but the employee leg of the stool always seems to be a bit wobbly. Think about the dissonance here: if you treat employees poorly, that treatment will be passed onto customers by poor service. Poor customer service will be passed onto shareholders when badly treated customers look elsewhere to conduct business.

Think of how time consuming the hiring process is. Not only do our HR professionals spend an enormous amount of time reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, but employees in other specializations are sucked into the interview process as well to vet prospective team members. Then, once the new employee is in the door, their new colleagues will have to spend valuable time with onboarding. Think of the lost time! When you retain employees, you free time for your current workers to focus on growth, strategy, and revenue generation.

The goal is to be able to make people feel seen, heard, and valued. Creating processes in which people feel cared for – both on the employee and customer sides – will lead to a virtuous cycle in which revenue will grow, leading to people feeling more seen, heard, and valued and so on. If employee turnover is a constant obstacle to surmount, processes will be more difficult to maintain, customers will be forced to adjust to new points of contact, and the virtual cycle will soon be off kilter.

In this episode’s listener question, JoDee and Susan tackle a tricky question from someone on the job hunt who is looking for a way to be certain the positions they apply for are equivalent to the job they currently hold. In the news, JoDee and Susan discuss the outrageous average commute statistics cited in a 2019 article from SHRM.

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Jake Bouvy
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