Christine Burrows

Christine is the Vice President of Strategy and Operations. Although she is not an HR professional, she is definitely a people person. She spent the first half of her career in education as a high school history teacher and then in curriculum development for television and web. She went on to become a content marketer – mostly for SaaS companies. All along, she’s been a consummate connector – whether between people and content or between people and people. She holds the people industry close to her heart because many of her dearest friends are People Pros and she gets to help them connect with clients and grow their businesses. Her top 5 Clifton Strengths are Woo, Communication, Connectivity, Activator and Positivity – all of which she got to use in facilitating the former Powered by Purple Ink.

Outside of work, Christine enjoys playing tennis and pickleball, reading, walking, and lunching with friends. She is married with four adult children spread across the country, and she, her husband, and their dog Louie bi-locate between Carmel, IN and Carolina Beach, NC.

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