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Spring Cleaning Your Workspace – and Your Habits

Spring is here, and many of us are beginning to clean out our homes. While you’re at it, think about what else you might “spring clean” to create room for joy in your life. That doesn’t only mean things you can physically clean. This is also a great time to take stock of how things are going in any area of our lives. What could be organized better? What’s not serving you anymore?

Below are some areas that came to mind for me.


Clean up your workspace

Studies show that clutter can make you feel more stressed, anxious, or depressed. Create a more relaxing environment for yourself by tidying up your work area. Go through the clutter on your desk (or whatever surface you use) and find a home for it, whether that’s a drawer or the trash can. Make sure everything’s organized so it’s easier for you to find things when you need them.


Clean up your computer

Now that your workspace is clean, turn your attention to your computer! Are your files easy to find? Are you holding on to old files you don’t need anymore? Clean up your desktop and organize your work files so you (and your coworkers) don’t get frustrated trying to find things.


Clean up your habits and routines

Look at your habits (good and bad). Are any of them holding you back or creating stress in your life, like spending an hour scrolling through your social media accounts after work?

Think about whether your habits and routines are still serving you. For example, if you’ve always held a standing weekly meeting with your team, but you find that lately it’s been repetitive and not always helpful, maybe it’s time to change that routine and only meet every other week or once a month.

Once you’ve cleared out or adjusted your habits and routines, consider whether there are any habits you could start that might help you get where you want to be. For example, suppose you’re focused on reducing stress in your life. In that case, you might want to try meditation, exercise more, or plan to spend 15 minutes reading (or another hobby of your choosing!) before you pick up your phone to look at emails and social media.

Make sure you’re choosing habits and routines that are helpful for YOU. If you try something because someone recommended it or you feel like it’s what you “should” do, but it’s creating stress for you or just not working, don’t feel bad about giving it up. Different things work for different people!


Clean up your calendar

Is your calendar overwhelming you? Take a minute to think about how you might change that.

If you’ve been feeling stressed and scattered, make sure there’s time for yourself on your calendar – whatever that means for you! You might schedule a manicure, go out to dinner with friends, plan a vacation, or just set aside some time to sit at home with a good book or your favorite TV show.

And if you’re having a hard time fitting relaxation into your busy schedule, ask yourself if you’re saying yes to too many things. Don’t spread yourself too thin – be realistic about the amount of time AND energy you must give, and if a meeting or event isn’t a priority for you, it’s okay to say that it doesn’t work for you.

Feeling like you’re always in meetings and never have enough time to catch up on emails and projects? Pick a day to be your “no meeting day” every week. Just because you’re technically available doesn’t mean you have to say yes to a meeting request. If someone asks you to meet on your no-meeting day, you can politely ask them if another day would be okay.


Clean up your network

Are you spending too much time keeping up professional relationships? Don’t be afraid to NOT stay connected to someone. Some people aren’t meant to be part of your professional circle. If you sense that neither of you is benefiting from your connection, don’t waste your time and theirs by nurturing that relationship.

Take stock of the associations and groups you’re a part of, as well. Don’t spend your energy being a member of a group that’s no longer beneficial or joyful for you.

(Want to learn more about being strategic about your network? Check out JoyPowered® Networking!)


As we always say, joy is individual, so spring cleaning the areas on this list may not be productive for you, and others may have sprung to mind while you read. If you have more spring-cleaning ideas, we’d love to hear them! Share them in the comments below.

Emily Miller
Emily Miller
Emily works behind the scenes at JoyPowered, helping to edit and publish the books, producing the podcast, and running the website and social media.

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