Transcript: Episode 151 – Leading Others with CliftonStrengths (SHRM Credit)
September 12, 2022
Show Notes: Episode 152 – Retention in Action (SHRM Credit)
September 26, 2022

My husband asked me this morning, “How do you find joy at work when things get hard?” I was surprised to find my immediate answer had nothing to do with my job. It was “my family and my faith,” both of which can influence my work, but are not part of my everyday work.

So let me ask you, what brings you joy at work when things get tough? Is it making one additional sale, happy hour with coworkers, or is it the factors in your life outside of work?

Maybe JoyPowered® work is more about the joy we find outside of work fueling the attitude and temperament we bring to our job each day. I bring my best self to work when my marriage and family are in a healthy place. I bring my best self to work when I take walks in the morning listening to my favorite worship music. I bring my best self to work when I take time to pray and reflect on the goodness of God.

Figure out what powers your joy at work and do more of it! Hint: it might have NOTHING to do with your job.

Anna Rasco
Anna Rasco
Anna is an HR Consultant at Purple Ink. She’s passionate about serving the underserved and loves helping people find the right career fit while consulting employers on the best recruiting tactics to fit their needs.

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