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October 31, 2019
Transcript: Episode 69 – SHRM Credit: AI in Recruiting
November 11, 2019

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In episode 69 of “The JoyPowered® Workspace Podcast,” JoDee and Susan discuss artificial intelligence in recruiting with Keith Campagna, founder of Lifework Integration, and Zach Linder from Canvas. Topics include how applicant tracking systems leverage AI, why AI is critical in today’s talent acquisition efforts, and how to get teams and candidates more comfortable using AI.

To start, Susan shares an article from that discusses intriguing uses of AI in recruitment in 2019. The post mentions using AI to conduct automated candidate sourcing, candidate rediscovery, candidate matching, hiring remote workers, natural language processing, facial expression analysis, and more.

Keith Campagna, founder of Lifework Integration, joins JoDee and Susan to talk about this fascinating topic. Keith starts off with discussing what he has seen or heard regarding AI in talent acquisition. He says AI is making a move inside talent acquisition, but still has a lot of work to do. Keith thinks we have just scratched the surface with AI in recruiting and talent acquisition.

Keith goes on to share some examples of automation/machine learning, like chatbots, and the type of things AI could be doing for companies if they were to use it. He also shares his thoughts on what he thinks is better and worse in the hiring process for employers who rely on AI. Fundamentally speaking, Keith says human beings want to be engaged by other human beings. He says technology is starting to evolve and be used as more of tool because we want technology helping us, not talking to us.

The next guest is Zach Linder. He leads Canvas’ machine learning and analytics functions. Zach discusses Canvas’ background, how they were acquired by Jobvite and how Jobvite leverages AI to help businesses select the right candidates for the right jobs. Text based interviewing is one growing recruiting tool Zach discusses in detail, as well as what he is seeing when it comes to conducting, hiring, and interacting with candidates using AI.

For the listener question, JoDee and Susan tackle an issue with an employee being in the office while they are off the clock. In the news, posted an article titled “Lying in the Hiring Process: How to Handle the Candidate.” This article cited a recent study where 85% of employers have caught employees lying on their resume or job application.

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