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May 19, 2023
Transcript: Episode 169 – Finding the Right Job for You
May 22, 2023

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The average employee changes jobs 12 times in their life, and 52% of American workers are considering changing jobs within the next year. We invited several guests to join us and share their advice on what to consider as an individual looking for the next right job and on why an organization may want to support its employees by offering internal career coaching.

If you’re trying to determine what job is right for you, you might start by exploring your strengths and career interests, whether that’s through an assessment like CliftonStrengths or Strong Interest Inventory or by simply making a list of things you love doing. You don’t need to know exactly what you want to do to get started on your job search; it’s a great time to explore, network, and see who likes your resume. Just make sure not to take a job you don’t feel excited about. Just get started, and be open to conversations with all kinds of organizations.

Assessments can be a big help in discovering what you want to do. They can help you become more aware of who you are, what your gifts and talents are, and how you work. The Core Values Index identifies your core strategies and what your contribution style might be. The Six Types of Working Genius can help you understand how you contribute from a gift or talent standpoint and what might cause frustration and stress. That self-awareness can give you direction for your career search.

Career coaches aren’t just for people looking for new jobs in different companies; some organizations now offer career coaches to help with internal mobility. This can increase engagement, help you recruit talent, and identify transferable skills that might help employees succeed in different areas of the organization. Supporting internal career progression can be as simple as creating a role library where employees can get insights into roles and where their expertise might apply.

In this episode’s listener mail, we’re asked how best to make sure employees being investigated understand the importance of being truthful when interviewed. In the news, we discuss a Wall Street Journal article about new benefits and perks employers are tailoring to employees’ needs.

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