Show Notes: Episode 172 – Introverts at Work
July 3, 2023
Transcript: Episode 173 – Your Training Questions Answered
July 17, 2023

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There’s a lot to think about regarding training. Employees may have requirements to meet for certification and you may want them to get some training or education to keep up with current trends and information. Maybe you’ll send them to conferences, or maybe you can offer some internal training. You may even want to have your own learning and development team.

In this episode, we answer fourteen of our listeners’ questions about training. First, we share advice for training employees without sounding condescending. Then, we discuss implementing women’s leadership workshops. Training managers to give effective performance reviews is a real need; our hosts discuss why it’s crucial and how to do it. Another of the most important things to teach leaders is how to delegate, and we talk about how to explain its importance so that your people are more inclined to do it. Susan has done a lot of succession planning and creating training plans for potential candidates, and she shares her secrets.

Next, we discuss why setting expectations is the key to teaching employees the art of patience. There’s no wrong time to launch sensitivity training, but our hosts explain when they think the best time is. JoDee shares several of her favorite third-party vendors who provide assessments. We talk about some resources for bringing training and development programs in-house when you don’t have a dedicated learning and development team. Then, we discuss why it’s important to offer training and team building even when your budget is tight.

Susan shares some suggestions for advertising your training and certification pathways to employees. We also talk about how to create training modules for employees whose jobs you don’t understand. Our hosts offer some tips for people looking to start a career in learning and development. And finally, we discuss how to lead training for a group that has varying levels of skill and experience.

In the news, we share some of the results of a study about what a human resource leader looks like in 2023.

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