Transcript: Episode 191 – Personal Branding Strategies for Professional Triumph (with Daveeed Wagner)
March 25, 2024
Spring Cleaning Your Workspace – and Your Habits
March 29, 2024

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Our efforts, education, and performance are not enough to outcompete our colleagues and secure advancement opportunities; people need to know you and the values you represent. That’s where personal branding comes in. Personal branding is not a new concept, but it’s been hot lately because mobile phones and social media have allowed people to make an impact from wherever they are. It’s become a very important piece of growing in your professional and personal life.

If you’re looking to grow your personal brand, start by cleaning up your social media profiles and aligning them in a way that people understand what you do and what you’ve accomplished. Start friending the right individuals so you can nurture relationships without being in front of each other. And finally, provide value.

In order to receive, we need to give first, so put yourself in a position where you’re giving something to others. If you engage with others content, offer support, get excited for them, and listen to what they’re saying, they’ll be more likely to engage with your content. Building community is key so that you have a network that follows you when you move to different jobs or locations.

In this episode’s listener question, we’re asked how to communicate a change due to a policy compliance issue when stakeholders are resistant to change. In the news, wine tasting is the new thing for corporate connection.

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