Transcript: Episode 192 – Encore Careers: Finding a New Vocation in the Second Half of Life (with Christine Burrows and Marc Sheinbaum)
April 8, 2024
Show Notes: Episode 193 – Nature in the Workplace: Creating Healthy, Vibrant Spaces Where People Thrive (with Stephanie Carlson)
April 22, 2024

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Today’s episode focuses on encore careers, or new vocations starting in the second half of life. Finding new career options after age 50 is often motivated by the need to create a revenue stream to last a few more decades, or by recognition that Social Security alone won’t meet retirement spending needs. Encore careers are also launched for social or public purposes, fulfillment, or for a combination of any of these reasons.

After doing an ikigai exercise at 58, Christine Burrows decided that she wanted to do something that incorporated pickleball and people development. That led her to found PickleBall Corporate (team)Building, or PB-CB, an organization offering team building experiences using the pickleball court. While entrepreneurship can sometimes be challenging, she finds joy in the way this encore career allows her to play and watch others play. Christine recommends that others looking for encore careers think about skill sets from past positions and find others who share your interests.

Marc Sheinbaum retired from his career as a business executive at 59, and he wanted to stay busy. He rediscovered his fondness for writing during a writer’s workshop and is now a novelist. Getting rejection letters isn’t much fun, but he finds joy in reading reviews of his work and learning what others see in it and understand about it. Marc recommends that others looking for encore careers try lots of different things to see what sticks.

If you’re considering pursuing an encore career, start taking steps before you retire or leave your current job. Keep your technology skills current. Talk with your spouse or partner and make sure you’re on the same page about what retirement will look like. Have a conversation with your current employer about opportunities for continued work. Consider starting your own business. And make sure you know how continued work in retirement affects your income, Social Security, Medicare, and other benefits.

In this episode’s listener question, we’re asked about what to do if a non-unionized employee brings a spouse, coworker, friend, parent, or attorney to an investigative meeting. In the news, we share some trending office jokes.

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